LA Photo Party Logo

Experiential photo and video marketing services for festivals, conventions, and events worldwide, integrated with Front Gate's RFID sharing technology.


MoZeus Worldwide Logo

Technology partner, integrated with Front Gate’s RFID technology, that delivers compelling, measurable, and shareworthy digital experiences to amplify fan engagement, strengthen brand connectivity, and enhance the live festival experience.


Next Now Logo

Digital experiential marketing agency, integrated with Front Gate’s RFID technology, producing next-generation experiences (AR/ VR, Gesture Control, Projection Mapping, LED, Motion Tracking, etc.) for world-class brands and festivals.

Thuzi Logo

Experiential marketing technology leader, integrated with Front Gate’s RFID technology, providing promoters the ability to increase fan engagement, revenue, and data collection.




Advanced live event management system, integrated with Front Gate, providing festival organizers with an all-in-one software to maximize efficiency. FestivalPro is continually evolving, with new features and modules in development constantly, and can help you save time and money when it comes to event operations.

i6 Logo

Provides customized memorabilia solutions for fans of live events. Able to include items such as 3D/holographic collector-souvenir tickets, laminates, magnets as an upsell opportunity through the Front Gate Tickets purchase flow.


ID&C Logo

Front Gate’s exclusive RFID/Barcoded wristband and credential provider, supplying the best quality in custom wristbands, parking passes and lanyards to the event industry.

Lennd Logo

Event management platform, fully integrated with Front Gate, helping promoters streamline event operations through a trusted platform. Lennd focuses on improving, simplifying, and enhancing operational efficiencies in order to save promoters time, money and ensure quality in their operations.


Liff Happens.png

Lost & Found platform, integrated with Front Gate’s RFID technology, that reunites lost items to festival-goers. Committed to changing the Lost & Found process at festivals, Liff Happens focuses on loss prevention pre-festival, customer self-service in real time, seamless on-site tools for staff, and post-event returns for you and your fans.


Appetize Logo

Modern enterprise Point of Sale provider, integrated with Front Gate’s RFID technology, delivering foodservice and retail solutions to the largest and highest volume businesses nationwide.

atVenu Logo

Leading live event commerce platform, integrated with Front Gate’s RFID technology, providing Point of Sale solutions to maximize revenue.

Best Ring Logo

Full service Point of Sale provider, integrated with Front Gate’s RFID technology, with the latest in mobile POS technology. Best Ring provides safe and secure transactions in any environment.


Ronin’s reliable and easy-to-use technology is integrated with Front Gate’s RFID technology. Their fresh and innovative event-based point of sale is geared toward speed, simplicity, and fits in nicely at the events Front Gate Tickets supports. This partnership bolsters the scene, for a seamless cashless payments experience.



FEVO lets friends shop together with the Friend-Powered Cart™. FEVO’s social commerce technology is integrated with Front Gate’s technology allowing friends to bring friends into their online shopping journey where they can gather, plan, and purchase together, right on your festival brand site. One connected checkout includes merch, bundled offers, and rewards for large groups… all adding up to more shoppers, more fun and more sales.

Groupon Logo

Worldwide e-commerce marketplace promoting the best deals and offers to live events. Front Gate’s partnership with Groupon allows you to reach a new audience and sell more tickets.

Lyte Logo

Technology platform, integrated with Front Gate, empowering promoters to own and control the secondary market through branded, secure ticket exchanges for their events.



Official fan ticket marketplace that allows customers to take control of their tickets. With fan-to-fan resale, concert-goers have another option to buy and sell tickets for sold out events and all tickets are 100% verified through the integration with Front Gate’s RFID technology.